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Hive Removal

We offer safe, affordable, and local hive removal. We have done many removals and have seen all types of hives and bees, even affricanized bees. 

Call or email for detals.

Our hives are available for pollination of many types of crops in Calliforina. We also pollinate wild flowers and native plants for free!    

Please call or email for pricing and avialibility.
All Natural Raw Honey
The honey that is produced from our hives is 100% raw natural honey.  It is excellently  strained to provide you with the smoothest honey. We offer Wildflower, Buckwheat, Orange, Avocado, Sage, and Almond honey.

-80z is $6
-12oz is $8
-160z is $10
-4 inch comb honey box is $20
Call or email for further pricing and availability and sizes.